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Events & Workshops

Trudy Knowles facilitates workshops in the following areas:


  • Integrating the Arts Throughout the Curriculum


  • ADHD



  • Curriculum Development and Design


  • Powerful Teaching and Learning


  • Universal Design for Learning


  • Middle Level Education





TUESDAY FEB. 3, 2015


Scanlon Banquet Hall

Westfield, MA 01085





On October 2, we heard Pasi Sahlberg talk about what was possible.


On October 23, we talked about our concerns and what we saw as possible.


On November 20, we developed a list of action steps.


On February 3 WE WILL PRIORITIZE ACTIONS AND BEGIN TO ACT. You will find a list of possible actions here.


Come help change education.

Westfield State University hosted educator and scholar Pasi Sahlberg in October, 2014. Considered an expert on education reform Sahlberg talked about Finland's education system, considered one of the top in the world.


Sahlberg challenged us to think in new ways about the way schools are structured and about what's best for kids. He left us with three ways we can improve our schools:


  • Test less, learn more - Get rid of high-stakes testing and focus on learning.

  • Teacher Professionalism - Respect and trust teachers.

  • Time to Play - Give students a chance to explore, discover, and play.

Sahlberg’s best-selling book Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? explores the evolution of educational policies in Finland and explains how the policies differ from those in the U.S. and other countries.


Click here to see video of forum.

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