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First Edition, 2000

Second Edition, 2007

Now in its third edition, What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, published in 2014 by Heinemann, provides timely research, strategies, and models that illuminate the philosophies and practices that best serve the needs of young adolescents. This comprehensive description of truly responsive middle level teaching is anchored in the voices of young adolescents.


“As the next generation of middle grade teachers rallies to shape the next generation of middle level practice, this book promises not only to guide us toward a more comprehensive understanding of our young adolescents, but to offer sorely needed attention to issues that have for too long remained below the radar.” Nancy Doda and Mark Springer, Forward.


“. . . my favorite book about middle school kids is What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, by Dave Brown and Trudy Knowles. What makes this resource special is that it brings together a wide range of research, not just on kids’ physical, social, and cognitive development, but on what works in creating schools well-suited to young people at this life stage.” Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, in Upstanders: How to Engage Middle School Hearts and Minds with Inquiry (Heinemann, 2014).


What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know can be ordered from Heinemann  or through Amazon.  





"In The Kids Behind the Label students with Attention - Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tell you what they experience coming to class each day. Trudy Knowles interviewed fourteen ADHD students from elementary school to college, asking them to reflect on their classroom experiences. Their descriptions of thinking, seeing, hearing, and learning will forever change how you approach ADHD students, allowing you to contrast their frustrating in - school behavior with the frustration they feel trying to complete their work and make sense of their world." From the back jacket


"The reason for this email is simply to say that your book has reached me on so many different levels . . . Finally! A book from our point of view. Reading your book, your struggles, the struggles of your son and all the other children in the book has actually given me a voice. It has made me take the time to remind his teacher, his paraprofessional and Outreach Counselor that no matter how frustrated they may get with him, it pales in comparison with the frustration he feels inside." Email from a parent


The Kids Behind the Label can be ordered from Heinemann or through Amazon.


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