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Equality vs. Equity

Equality means that we expect all kids to be the same. When they are not, we say there is something wrong with them. If they don't all perform up to the same standard, we say there is something wrong with the teachers who are teaching them.

All kids aren’t the same and what they deserve in school is to get what they need. That’s what equity is. All educational policies should be geared towards equity; giving every child what he or she needs in order to learn in joyful amazing ways. For one kid that means sitting by her guiding her every step of the way. For another it means checking in every with him every now and them. For someone it might mean reviewing, reviewing and reviewing. For another it might mean moving on. For one it might mean using images to access content. For another it might mean using music as a vehicle for understanding.

We don't want to take kids to the same place in the same way at the same time. We want to take kids from where they are to someplace they never thought they could go. We can’t do that in a standardized world with a standardized curriculum and standardized instruction. We can’t do that in an environment that treats all kids as though they are the same. We can only do that when we take back our classrooms and do what we do best, teach each kid in the way that kid learns.

Equality vs. equity? I’ll go with equity any day.

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