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ABC of Covid

In a writing group in May 2020, I was encouraged to create a poem using the letters of the alphabet, each line another letter. Here it is.

Another day in quarantine paradise

Bundled up for snow in May.

Covid changed everything.

Didn’t even ask if we wanted to stay in.

Eventually we had no choice.

First, we went gently into our isolation

Grabbing dusty puzzle boxes off of basement shelves,

Hanging inspirational quotes on the mantel,

Insisting we take walks everyday

Just to get some exercise.

Knowing it wasn’t the same as we were used to but

Loving the time together.

Making treats and sweets, eating Pop Tarts.

Never thinking it would last this long.

Oh, but it has.

People started wearing masks.

Questioning why and how long and when.

Realizing we were in for the long haul.

Staying away from family


Unless we sit far apart while

Viruses take over our lives.

Watching and waiting.

Xerox days, one simply a copy of the one before.

Yesterday like today like tomorrow

Zoom helps. It fills my week but it’s never enough. Go gently. Stay safe.

I will hug you soon.


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